The 17 Must-Visit Laguna Tourist Spots: Amusement Park, Nature Parks, Falls and Springs

Laguna, a province in the Philippines, is a treasure trove of natural wonders, historical sites, and cultural gems. Laguna tourist spots have a lot to offer. From thrilling amusement parks to serene lakes, cascading waterfalls, and historical landmarks, Laguna offers a diverse range of attractions for tourists seeking a delightful and enriching experience. Here’s a curated list of some must-visit tourist spots in Laguna:

1. Enchanted Kingdom – Most visited Laguna Tourist spot

Enchanted Kingdom - Laguna tourist spot

Enchanted Kingdom in Santa Rosa is the Philippines’ premier theme park, featuring over 20 thrilling rides, live shows, and enchanting attractions. From the heart-pounding roller coasters to the whimsical atmosphere, it’s a magical realm for visitors of all ages, making it a must-visit Laguna tourist spot for families and thrill-seekers alike.

2. Hulugan Falls

Hulugan falls - Laguna tourist spot

Nestled in the town of Luisiana, Hulugan Falls is a captivating natural wonder that demands a challenging trek through dense forests. The cascading waters, plunging from a towering height, create a mesmerizing spectacle amid the lush greenery, providing a serene and refreshing escape for avid nature enthusiasts. This is a thrilling yet exciting Laguna tourist spot.

3. Mount Makiling

Mount Makiling - Laguna tourist spot

Standing tall at 1,090 meters above sea level, Mount Makiling is a dormant volcano and a favorite destination for hikers and nature lovers. The trails offer a diverse range of flora and fauna, with sightings of rare species. The summit provides panoramic views of Laguna de Bay and the surrounding landscapes, rewarding trekkers with a sense of accomplishment and awe-inspiring. One of the most known mountain in the Philippines making it a must-visit Laguna tourist spot.

4. Taytay Falls

Taytay falls
Photo from Philippine Star

Nestled in the heart of Majayjay, Taytay Falls is a serene oasis surrounded by lush vegetation. The journey to this hidden gem involves trekking through scenic landscapes, offering adventurers a chance to connect with nature. The multi-tiered waterfall invites visitors to cool off in its crystalline pools, making it a perfect Laguna tourist spot for relaxation and rejuvenation.

5. Museo ni Jose Rizal

Rizal Shrine 28Back view292C Calamba2C Laguna2C March 2023

Situated in Calamba, the Museo ni Jose Rizal provides a comprehensive insight into the life and legacy of the Philippines’ national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. The museum houses artifacts, memorabilia, and interactive exhibits, allowing visitors to delve into the rich history and cultural significance of this revered figure. Truly a historic Laguna tourist spot for every Filipinos.

6. Liliw Church/ St. John the Baptist Parish

Liliw Church

The St. John the Baptist Parish Church in Liliw is a captivating example of Spanish colonial architecture. With its well-preserved facade and historical charm, the church stands as a testament to the region’s cultural heritage. Visitors can explore its interiors, adorned with religious artwork, and reflect on the centuries of history encapsulated within its walls.

7. Seven Lakes of San Pablo

Seven Lakes of San Pablo - Laguna tourist spot
Photo from Tripoto

San Pablo City boasts the enchanting Seven Lakes, including Sampaloc Lake, Pandin Lake, and Yambo Lake. Each lake has its unique character, offering visitors the chance to engage in boat rides, lakeside picnics, and nature walks. The picturesque surroundings and the tranquil ambiance make this cluster of lakes a serene escape for those seeking a peaceful retreat in nature.

8. Caliraya Lake

Caliraya Lake - Laguna tourist spot
Photo from Vigattin Tourism

Nestled amidst rolling mountains, Caliraya Lake is a man-made reservoir offering a scenic escape from the urban hustle. Popular for water activities such as kayaking, fishing, and sailing, the lake provides a serene backdrop for picnics and leisurely strolls along its shores. The cool mountain breeze and stunning vistas make Caliraya Lake a peaceful haven for nature lovers. You shouldn’t definitely missed this one of a king Laguna tourist spot.

9. Bato Springs Resort

Bato Springs Resort - Laguna tourist spot
Photo from Hidden Carte Blanche

Located in San Pablo City, Bato Springs Resort is a haven of natural spring pools surrounded by lush landscapes. The resort provides a refreshing retreat for visitors seeking relaxation. With well-maintained amenities and a peaceful ambiance, Bato Springs Resort is an ideal Laguna tourist spot for those looking to unwind and rejuvenate in the embrace of nature.

10. Pagsanjan Falls

Pagsanjan Falls - Laguna tourist spot
Photo from Kathleen Tugano

Renowned as one of the country’s most famous waterfalls, Pagsanjan Falls in Cavinti offers an exhilarating river adventure. Visitors embark on a thrilling boat ride through the winding river gorge, passing through lush vegetation and towering cliffs before reaching the majestic waterfall. The experience combines the thrill of nature with the excitement of exploration, creating lasting memories for adventure enthusiasts. This falls in one of the major Laguna tourist spots.

11. Hidden Valley Springs

Hidden Valley Springs
Photo from Traveloka

Tucked away in Alaminos, Hidden Valley Springs is a secluded paradise boasting natural spring pools, captivating waterfalls, and lush landscapes. The well-preserved natural environment provides a serene retreat for those seeking peace and tranquility. The therapeutic hot springs and scenic beauty make Hidden Valley Springs a rejuvenating haven, allowing visitors to reconnect with nature and unwind in a blissful setting.

12. Mount Banahaw

Mount Banahaw

Revered as a sacred mountain, Mount Banahaw holds cultural and spiritual significance. Pilgrims and trekkers alike embark on the journey to its summit, seeking both physical and spiritual renewal. The diverse ecosystems, mystical caves, and panoramic views contribute to the mountain’s allure, making it a Laguna tourist spot that blends natural beauty with cultural reverence.

13. Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery

Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery

A historical gem in Nagcarlan, the Underground Cemetery is a unique burial site that dates back to the Spanish colonial era. The underground chambers served as the final resting place for prominent locals, providing a fascinating glimpse into the region’s historical and cultural heritage. The site stands as a testament to the intricate craftsmanship and architectural ingenuity of the past.

14.Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort

Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort
Photo from Tripadvisor

Immersed in the rural charm of Tiaong, Villa Escudero is a working coconut plantation turned resort. Visitors can partake in cultural shows, bamboo rafting on the Labasin Dam, and dine by the cascading waterfalls. The resort offers a blend of historical immersion, natural beauty, and traditional Filipino hospitality, creating a unique and enriching experience for guests. This resort can also be found in Quezon Province aside from their location in Laguna. If you want a unique dining experience, add this Laguna tourist spot on your next adventure!

15. Kilangin Falls

Kilangin Falls - Laguna tourist spot

Hidden within the verdant landscapes of Liliw, Kilangin Falls is a tranquil haven surrounded by lush foliage. The cascading waters create a soothing atmosphere, making it an ideal spot for relaxation and communing with nature. The journey to Kilangin Falls adds an element of adventure, rewarding visitors with a serene and rejuvenating escape.

16. Pila Heritage Site

Pila Heritage Site
Photo from Out of Town Blog

Recognized as a National Historical Landmark, the Pila Heritage Site preserves the colonial-era charm of the town. Visitors can explore well-preserved ancestral houses and the St. Anthony of Padua Parish Church, immersing themselves in the architectural and cultural heritage of the region. The site stands as a testament to Laguna’s rich history, inviting guests to step back in time and appreciate the enduring beauty of the past.

17. Costales Nature Farm

Costales Nature Farm
Photo from Tripadvisor

Situated in Majayjay, Costales Nature Farm is a sustainable organic farm offering educational tours and farm-to-table experiences. Visitors can witness eco-friendly agricultural practices, participate in farming activities, and indulge in fresh, organic produce. The farm serves as a testament to sustainable living and environmental stewardship, providing a wholesome and educational experience for those interested in eco-conscious practices and the beauty of rural life.

In conclusion, Laguna tourist spots, with its diverse array of attractions, caters to every type of traveler, whether you seek adventure, relaxation, history, or culture. Each spot is a testament to the province’s rich heritage and natural beauty, inviting visitors to explore and discover the enchanting wonders it has to offer.

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