The 27 Best Taiwan Tourist Spots – Time Saver Taiwan Itinerary

Taiwan Tourist Spots
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Taiwan tourist spots can leave you in awe of reaction. It is an island nation located in East Asia, is a hidden gem that offers a captivating blend of natural wonders, rich history, and modern attractions. Its unique cultural heritage and warm hospitality make it a must-visit destination for any traveler.

If you’re planning a trip to Taiwan, make sure to follow these enchanting tourist spots in order to save your time when you visit Taiwan.

1. Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall

This majestic memorial hall stands tall in Taipei City. Its grand architecture, lush gardens, and a giant bronze statue of Sun Yat Sen are awe-inspiring. The hall also houses exhibitions and artifacts related to the leader’s life and revolutionary activities. The architecture of the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall is a breathtaking blend of traditional Chinese design and modern aesthetics and a must-visit Taiwan tourist spots.

Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall - Taiwan Tourist Spots
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2. Elephant Mountain (Xiangshan Hiking Trail)

This enchanting Taiwan tourist spot offers an exhilarating hiking experience that promises breathtaking panoramas of the city’s skyline, making it a favorite destination for both locals and travelers seeking a dose of nature The trail is relatively short but challenging, especially during sunset and at night when Taipei’s lights illuminate the landscape.

Elephant Mountain (Xiangshan Hiking Trail)
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3. Raohe Night Market

Indulge your taste buds and immerse yourself in the vibrant Taiwanese street food culture at Raohe Night Market. From delicious local delicacies like pepper buns and stinky tofu to quirky snacks and trendy fashion items, this bustling market has it all.

 Raohe Night Market
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4. Liberty Square (Chiang Kai Shek Memorial)

Dedicated to the former President of the Republic of China, Chiang Kai Shek, Liberty Square is an iconic landmark in Taipei. The massive white structure of the memorial hall, along with the National Concert Hall and National Theater, creates a beautiful ensemble that attracts tourists and locals alike.

Liberty Square (Chiang Kai Shek Memorial)
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5. Presidential Office Building

An architectural marvel in the heart of Taipei, the Presidential Office Building serves as the official workplace of the President of Taiwan. Its elegant design and historical significance make it a must-see attraction.

Presidential Office Building

6. Ximending

As one of Taipei’s most vibrant districts, Ximending is a tourist spot paradise for shopaholics and entertainment enthusiasts. This bustling area is filled with trendy boutiques, entertainment centers, theaters, and an array of restaurants serving delectable cuisine.

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7. The Red House

Located in Ximending, the Red House is an iconic octagonal-shaped tourist spot building that hosts various cultural events, art exhibitions, and craft markets. It’s a perfect place to explore Taiwan’s creative side and purchase unique souvenirs.

The Red House
Photo from Taipei Travel Geek

8. Lungshan Temple

A symbol of Taiwanese spiritual and architectural heritage, Lungshan Temple in Taipei is a stunning temple complex dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy, Guanyin. The intricately designed temple offers a peaceful sanctuary for both worshippers and visitors.

Lungshan Temple

9. Bopiliao Historical Block

Step back in time and explore the preserved streets of Bopiliao Historical Block in Taipei. This cultural heritage site showcases traditional Taiwanese architecture and provides insight into the island’s past.

Bopiliao Historical Block
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10. Wuling Farm

Nature lovers should not miss Wuling Farm, a picturesque mountain retreat in Taichung. Throughout the year, this vast area showcases beautiful seasonal landscapes, including cherry blossoms in spring and vibrant foliage in autumn. You should not miss this Taiwan tourist spot.

Wuling Farm
Photo from Taipei Times

11. Yehliu Geopark

Witness the wonders of erosion at Yehliu Geopark, where unique rock formations, including the famous “Queen’s Head,” tourist spot have been sculpted by wind and water over millennia.

Yehliu Geopark
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12. Yinyang Sea

Near the geopark, you’ll find the mesmerizing Yinyang Sea, where the contrasting colors of the water create a visually stunning and memorable sight. You should definitely add this to your Taiwan tourist spots itinerary.

Yinyang Sea
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13. Thirteen-Story Ruins

Venture to the scenic northern coastline of Taiwan to explore the hauntingly beautiful Thirteen-Story Ruins, the remnants of an abandoned hotel that has become an intriguing Taiwan tourist spot.

Thirteen Story Ruins

14. Golden Waterfall

Located nearby the Thirteen-Story Ruins, the Golden Waterfall gets its name from the golden hue caused by the presence of heavy metals in the water. The sight against the backdrop of the green mountains is truly captivating tourist spot.

Golden Waterfall
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15. Jiufen Old Street

Transport yourself to a bygone era as you wander through the charming Jiufen Old Street. This quaint hillside village is famous for its narrow alleyways, teahouses, and stunning views of the coastline.

Jiufen Old Street
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16. Shifen Waterfall and Old Street

Make a wish as you release sky lanterns in Shifen Old Street, then visit the nearby Shifen Waterfall, one of the most scenic waterfalls tourist spot in Taiwan.

Shifen Waterfall and Old Street
Shifen Waterfall
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17. Maokong Gondola

For a unique perspective of Taipei’s landscape tourist spots, take a ride on the Maokong Gondola, which leads to Maokong Mountain, famous for its tea plantations and tea houses.

 Maokong Gondola
Photo from Taiwan Scene

18. Taipei Zoo

Home to a diverse range of animals, including Taiwan’s beloved Giant Pandas, the Taipei Zoo is a family-friendly tourist spot worth exploring.

Taipei Zoo
Photo from Big little Island

19. Taipei 101 Observatory

Witness the grandeur of Taipei’s skyline from the Taipei 101 Observatory, one of the world’s tallest buildings. The view from the top is simply breathtaking, especially during sunset.

Taipei 101 Observatory
Photo from Little Day out

20. Ichiran

Taiwan is a food lover’s paradise, and no visit is complete without indulging in local delicacies like beef noodle soup, bubble tea, pineapple cakes, and oyster omelets.

Photo from Daniel Food Diary

21. Painted Animation Lane

Located in Taichung, this lively street features colorful murals and street art inspired by famous Taiwanese animations.

Painted Animation LaneP
Photo from Spiritual Travels

22. Taichung Literature Museum

For literary enthusiasts, Taichung Literature Museum is a treasure trove of Taiwanese literary history and culture.

Taichung Literature Museum
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23. Chun Shui Tang

Visit the birthplace of bubble tea at Chun Shui Tang in Taichung, where you can savor the original and authentic version of this globally beloved drink.

Chun Shui Tang
Photo from Living + Nomads

24. Miyahara – Taiwan

This stunning ice cream parlor in Taichung is housed in a former eye hospital and offers a delightful array of desserts and sweets.

 Miyahara - Taiwan
Photo from Taiwan Eater

25. Paochueh Temple

Experience spiritual tranquility at Paochueh Temple, a magnificent Buddhist temple located in Kaohsiung.

 Paochueh Temple
Photo from Tom Rook Art

26. Taipei Fine Arts Museum

Art enthusiasts will appreciate the contemporary and traditional Taiwanese artworks displayed at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum.

 Taipei Fine Arts Museum
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27. Shilin Night Market

End your Taiwanese adventure with a visit to the bustling Shilin Night Market, where you can shop, eat, and immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture.

Shilin Night Market

Taiwan’s allure lies in its perfect blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and modern charm. Whether you’re an adventure seeker, a history buff, a food lover, or an art enthusiast, Taiwan tourist spots has something extraordinary to offer. So pack your bags, set your sights on Taiwan, and embark on an unforgettable journey through this captivating island nation.

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